31 Days of Abs: Day 31! This is IT!

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Day 31: Jack Knives + Row Boats

Congratulations! You made it through all the way to Day 31! Please take an “after” photo of your abs to compare it with Day 1’s “before” photo and if you are proud of your results, email it to me at: missionfitcamp@gmail.com. I would LOVE to see what kind of progress we’ve made over this past month together. Your face doesn’t need to be in it if you’re shy :). In today’s video we are wrapping up the series with an advanced move called a “Jack Knife” which requires some balance and coordination, but when done correctly, is a very efficient way to strengthen nearly all of the muscles in your abdominals, from the top to the bottom and all around the sides! You’re heart rate will climb as we move from one side to the other, pausing in the middle in between to crank out 10 quick row boats, which we learned on Day 19. PS. If you’re having “Abs” withdrawal tomorrow, feel free to start over with Day 1 and do it all again! It’s been a pleasure training you through your cell phones, computers, and Smart TVs. Enjoy your new and improved core strength and come see me at Mission Fit Camp in San Diego any time! www.missionfitcamp.com.

Cheers to your health,



Standing Warm up: Back Roll Outs, Hip Flexors

A: 10 Jack Knives Right Side
B: 10 Row Boats Center
C: 10 Jack Knives Left Side

Repeat 3x

Finisher Plank & Stretch

  • http://www.OkanaganRD.com Kelly Lehmann

    I promised myself I’d go back to Day 18- it was the hardest for me. I’ll send my after picture that!

    • DK

      Day 18 was hard for me too :) The last few days have been a challenge as well, pretty sore! Would love to see your before and after pics- thanks! Alex