Lunch Box Makeover!

How to Pack for Success!

Your Carbon Footprint & Diet

The diet and carbon footprint connection.

You Can Do It! Diabetes video

Being diagnosed with a chronic disease can be one of life’s scariest moments. As someone who works with newly diagnosed diabetic patients often, I understand the fear, confusion, and “now what?” attitude that can quickly follow. A collaborative video, YOU CAN DO IT!

Why I don't do "raw"

I’ve been asked a lot lately about the benefits of a ‘raw diet’. Should you try it?

Why a plant-based diet?

One of the most frequent questions I get asked is, "why a plant based diet?" My response.

Which cereal is best?

If there is one aisle at the supermarket that seems to cause the most confusion, it’s probably the cereal one. Cut through the confusion with this guide.

Veggie Love

You don’t have to be a dietitian to know that vegetables are good for you. Most of us understand that broccoli > Cheetos and apple pie counts more towards dessert than fruit. So, why are we lacking in our intake? Ways to increase intake!

Tools of the Trade

My favorite products for healthy eating!

To Organic or Not Organic? My thoughts

By now, most of you have seen the recent headline “Is Organic Food worth it”? A dietitians thoughts.

The importance of B12

Have you recently cut out animal products to better your health? Great! Yes, a plant-based diet is best in reducing heart disease, diabetes, and obesity but going meat-free can cause confusion on B12 recommendations.

Superfood: Friend or Foe?

What are superfoods? How do they fit in the diet?

A Rainbow of Risks

What's the problem with artificial food colors?

Prop 37 didn't pass- now what?

Just because Prop 37 didn’t pass doesn't mean we are all SOL. There are plenty of ways you can still eat GMO free.

Product Review: Food Tracker

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight before, you are probably familiar with the concept of writing down your food intake. I am a firm believer in mindful, intuitive eating and more often than not we overeat because we are focusing on something other than what we are eating. Enter the food tracker!

Product Review: Packing an Eco Lunch

Looking for sustainable lunch gear? Check out these great, sustainable products!

No Diet New Year Resolutions

Start the New Year off right! Healthy goals are great, but let's make it a no-diet year!

Nix the Nitrates!

No, your daily turkey sandwich isn’t good for you. Neither is bacon, pepperoni, sausage, hotdogs, corned beef, or other cold cuts. And it’s not just because of their sodium or fat content. All processed meats contain sodium nitrate, a carcinogen

My Favorite Sugar-Free Treats

Looking to cut-back on sugar? Enjoy my sugar free treats!

I meet Micheal Pollan

Highlights from the lecture. If you are inspired, and get a chance I highly recommend MP’s books, especially In Defense of Food, it’s a quicker read than Omnivores Dilemma, but delivers the same message: Eat Food, Not too much, Mostly Plants.

The Low-Down on Trans-Fats

Trans fats are bad news. If your ingredient label lists partially hydrogenated oils, you know you’ve got trans fats. But what about fully hydrogenated oils? Or when an ingredient label lists partially hydrogenated oils but claims “trans fat free” on the front? The low-down.

How to: Open a Pomegranate

While opening and de-seeding a pomegranate might seem a bit daunting, the reward is worth it. A step by step guide

DK's Guide to Healthy Cooking

As an RD and cooking instructor, I am always asked for tips for healthy cooking. My top tricks.

GMO's: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

Curious on GMO's? The low-down

Happy Food Day 2011

Guiding principles for a healthy diet

Eat smart to keep your brain sharp!

Diet and exercise can be helpful in decreasing risk for memory loss, dementia, and/or Alzheimer’s.

Intuitive Eating & Keeping a Food Diary

Eat to live or live to eat? The emotional connection to food

Detox Your Diet

Detox diets are hot! Who’s not doing it!? The truth behind needing to detox, a dietitians thoughts

Eating Healthy During the Holidays

It’s that time of year–the holiday season. That means plenty of reuniting, entertaining, and of course, eating. Whether you’re on the road or at party, here are my tips for not overdoing it this year.

Cancer & Grilled Meat

The science behind grilled meats & carcinogens

Beans, beans... toxic for your heart?

Did you know that red kidney beans can cause food poisoning? Don’t worry, it’s easy to avoid… you just have to know how to cook ‘em!

A Very-Veg Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving can be a tricky time for vegetarians/vegans but it doesn't have to be that way. Whether this is your first holiday as a vegetarian or you’re hosting your first vegan guest, my thoughts

Agave a No-No?

One of the main benefits of using agave is that it is lower on the glycemic index and therefore does not have the same effect on insulin response like white sugar. So, is this sweetener a health food and something we should be replacing white sugar in our diets for?

Nutrition for a Plant-Based Diet

Like all diets, vegetarian and veganism is as healthy as you make it. Nutrition advice for a plant-based diet

My preferred Sweetener

My preferred sweetener (maple syrup) and favorite dessert recipes featuring maple syrup

DK Sweetener Smackdown!

The low down on glucose vs. fructose

A Weekly Meal Plan: A week of vegan dinners

Sharing my weekly meal plan of 5 breakfast & lunch ideas as well as 5 recipes for healthy vegan dinners

Nutrient Dense Eating: The Un-Diet Approach

Tired of counting calories? I share my tips for nutrient dense eating, a way to manage weight without feeling deprived.