Oat & Groat Bars


I wish I had more time to cook all of the fabulous recipes I come across in the food blog world. If I’m not creating my own recipes, I’m either eating out or eating on the run. Recently though, a girlfriend sent me this granola bar recipe and I knew I had to make it immediately. Not only did it feature my newest obsession, buckwheat grouts, but I also knew it was something that Bryan would love for breakfast and snacks.


Have you tried groats yet? Thanks to Kath, I have been putting them on just about every dish. I keep a bowl of toasted groats on the counter to sprinkle on smoothies, oatmeal, and last night- brussels sprouts! I kid you not. The obsession is real.

I’ve also been on quite the granola bar kick lately, making chewy bars, peanut butter chocolate bars, and Samoa bars- each one becoming a favorite. I really do love when BL begs me to remake items.


Mine turned out a bit crumbly, which was fine after we enjoyed the first few bars. I chopped the rest up to enjoy as granola. Hunks of groat bars on top of yogurt and blood orange slices? Divine.

What recipes from other blogs have you made lately?


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  1. says

    This looks to me like it would make some awesome chunky granola cereal! I haven’t worked very much with oat groats, simply because I have trouble figuring out what to do with them. Well, consider that problem solved! I’ll have to buy some more to play around with.

    • DK says

      I felt the same way. I could never really figure out what I wanted to do with them… these bars changed everything. The granola was fantastic! Paired perfectly with coconut yogurt.


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