Product Review: Ultimate Food Tracker

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight before, you are probably familiar with the concept of writing down your food intake. I am a firm believer in mindful, intuitive eating and more often than not we overeat because we are focusing on something other than what we are eating. This can be a very difficult habit to break, especially if we are used to eating for other reasons besides hunger.

Enter the food tracker, a simple 7-day food log designed to bring awareness to your eating and help you with your goals. I am a big fan of fellow RD Kati Mora’s Ultimate Food Tracker, a compact diary to track a month’s worth of intake.

The tracker is set up so you can be as successful as possible. There is space at the top of each day to write your goals and contains helpful tips along the way.

Along with becoming a more mindful eater, tracking your intake allows you to monitor your caloric intake.  Losing weight, for the most part, is an equation of intake less than expenditure.  Monitoring your caloric intake is the first step in lowering it.

You can check out the Ultimate Food Tracker, and all of the cool cover designs, online @ the Around the Plate boutique.

What’s your favorite way to track your intake?

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  1. says

    I have to admit, I am not a food tracker! :D LOL I think it is so beneficial for people though, esp3ecially those that are working on and trying to acheive healthy weight loss. Because thenthey can see where they are having trouble. These look way cute too. And something like this might be just what I need after I have this baby! ha ha

  2. DK says

    Ha, I know what you mean :) I am not a fan of having people always track their intake, I think that gets a little tiresome and can defeat the purpose. However, I am a big fan of getting people to eat more mindfully and I think a food tracker is a good tool for that. Thanks for the comment! Alex

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