Recipe Roundup & Surviving the Superbowl

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Is it too early to be thinking Superbowl?I don’t know about your house, but the Superbowl in mine is given almost as much billing as other top holidays. A day solely reserved for football, beer, and food.

Maybe it’s because I live with someone who has almost convinced himself that he plays for the Packers, but football tends to be a topic of much discussion. Mostly, how it in going to ruin run our weekend? What day can I plan for us to do something, and which day is BL going to be parked in front of the TV?

While I would never call myself a fan, I actually don’t mind the enormous amount of attention that BL gives his games. It allows me to enjoy almost an entire weekend day to grocery shop, cook, and work on this blog. All without interruption from B. That being said, I am also ready to kiss this season goodbye! I’m excited to get him back to enjoy Sunday brunch, workouts, and weekend get-aways.

Whether your favorite team is playing or not, chances are good that you will be spending this day with family or friends, enjoying commercials, questionable halftime shows, football & food.  Think of the Superbowl as a second Thanksgiving, with the average day of grazing clocking in at well over 1,000 calories and a day’s worth of saturated fat. For New Year’s Resolutioners, it’s the first ‘big test’ of the year. No matter what your goal, here are my top picks for surviving, no thriving, during the Super Bowl.

I’ve also included 5 yummy recipes that will be featured in my Superbowl Spread. What are you making?

Cauliflower Buffalo Wings

You knew these were going in the mix, right? I’m officially obsessed.

Tip #1: Bring something for you, and others, to enjoy. Try creating a healthier version of your favorite dip or entree for you, and others, to share. Bean chili, cauliflower chicken wings, low-fat dip and vegetables, or guacamole are all easy, mostly familiar choices. That way you can fill up on healthier choices, while still leaving room to indulge in your favorites.


Beach Cookies


Photo and Recipe: Beach Cookies by Chef Chloe

Tip #2: It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Most Super Bowl spreads are meant to be enjoyed over the course of 4+ hours, so no need to over indulge before the halftime show. Use smaller plates and place a small amount, just a bite or two, of foods. When finished, put down the plate. Wait at least twenty minutes before going back for seconds and only get stuff that is truly worth it.


Awesome Easy Layer Dip

Photo and Recipe:  Chorizo, Mango, & Avocado dip from C’est La Vegan


Tip #3: Watch the alcohol. Ice cold beer pairs so well with bar-type food, even more so when the game is on. However, we all know that alcohol isn’t calorie free. Not only does overindulging make you more likely to overeat at the buffet table, it also contributes to empty, non-filling calories. Choose a light beer and stick to 1-2. My favorite drink? Ginger Beer & Vodka. Keeping it classy in the DK household ;)


Dill Pickle French Fries

Photo and Recipe: Peas & Thank You


Tip #4: Exercise the day of. Since most of the afternoon/evening will be spent on the couch, make it a point to move earlier in the day. Enjoy a walk with family, go on a bike ride, or take a class at the gym, whatever motivates you to move!


Chipotle Black Bean Chili

black bean soup
Smoky Black Bean Chili with Tortilla Chips


Enjoy your three-day weekend!


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