Fried Green Tomatoes with Corn Relish


I’ve mentioned before the intense love of food & cooking my family has. It’s the first topic of conversation when we all get together and my favorite way to spend an evening with my mom, trying a new recipe or creating something we saw on Food Network earlier that day.  Would you believe that we… 

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Chipotle Copycat Burrito Bowl


Raise your hand if you love Chipotle. Got it up? Everyone loves Chipotle. I mean everyone. Of all the fast food places, I analyze more chipotle meals for diet records than anything else. From my student athletes to pregnant vegan women, rarely do I meet someone who doesn’t love the have-it-your-way Mexican chain. Burritos, bowls,… 

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Recipe Roundup & Surviving the Superbowl


Is it too early to be thinking Superbowl?I don’t know about your house, but the Superbowl in mine is given almost as much billing as other top holidays. A day solely reserved for football, beer, and food. Maybe it’s because I live with someone who has almost convinced himself that he plays for the Packers,… 

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“Greenwood” Salsa


There are a lot of things we eat in excess in my house. Topping the list: tomato sauce, spinach, frozen mango cubes, and salsa. I think BL single handily takes down a jar of salsa every week. Besides his chips and salsa obsession, salsa goes on most of his meal foods like salad, eggs, burritos,… 

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