Our Favorite Lentil Soup {gluten free & vegan}

The best lentil soup. The Easiest lentil soup, vegan, gluten free, inexpensive and healthy!

As a university dietitian, I spend a good chunk of my day talking to students about kitchen essentials. Topics include must-have appliances, pantry staples, and easy, healthy recipes that they can whip up without using google. It’s amazing to me how many students I see who aren’t comfortable in the kitchen! Since I practically grew… 

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Root Vegetable Skillet with Scallion Biscuits

roasted vegetable skillet with onion biscuit

  As a vegetarian, I’ve never been convinced of the magical healing powers of chicken noodle soup. That doesn’t stop everyone else though from praising the power of warm broth.  Without fail, every time I have a cold someone urges me to go home and sip on soup. While my chicken-less soup does the trick… 

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Weeknight Tortilla Soup

vegan tortilla soup

As the name implies, this is a quick & easy meal that comes together in just 30 minutes. Perfect for busy weeknights, lazy weekends, or whenever you are craving a spicy soup rich with vegetables and beans. Living in Northern California, we enjoy our fair share of mexican food. This past weekend we went out… 

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Creamy Potato & Fennel Soup with Crispy Un-Sausage Topping (vegan & gluten free)

creamy potato soup with crispy-unbacon topping

If you were wondering if I was going for a recipe title with the most characters in it… you would be right. Who can blame me? How do you describe this creamy, potato fennel soup topped with fried potatoes and tempeh sausage? There is so many layers of flavor that you just have to try… 

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